AVN breaking the law (again)

The Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network (AVN) may well have escaped legal action regarding their web site, aided and abetted by University of Wollongong academic Professor Brian Martin. However, as an organisation still registered with NSW Fair Trading, they still need to comply with the law in New South Wales with regards to their organisation. Those of you who’ve been following the story so far know that there’s quite the history with non-compliance. So it’s not surprising to find they’re not complying again…

Dear Tim,

I note that back in June (refer to the email below) the AVN promised “greater accountability, transparency, and, ultimately, responsibility”, which would have been a welcome change, however to date:
1. There’s been no statement on the relationship between the AVN and the owners of the avn.org.au domain, AVN-RISE;
2. The AVN is late in providing its financial report as required by law (see attached extract showing none provided by the due date, July the 31st); and
3. There’s been no announcement regarding who the current president is—under your constitution an election needed to be held by the 30th of June, over a month ago now.
Also, I notice that there’s still no mention of the new AVN Facebook page on the Fans of the AVN Facebook page, which seems odd given that the current public officer (as per the extract) is an admin of the latter.

Yours, in anticipation of responsibility starting here and now,
Dr Matthew Berryman

AVN association extract

In reply to the email from the AVN (10th June 2015, subject: Responsibility starts here and now):

We have been working hard behind the scenes to create a strong platform for change.
Tasha’s message below captures the spirit of our approach.

I hope you will join us as we move forward.


promise from AVN


Good health is vital for a functioning society. A healthy society translates directly into a happier, more peaceful social group. Australia is made up of many diverse groups – groups who follow different religions, speak different languages and those who raise their family in more liberal environments – and we as Australians are accepting of these behaviours. This tolerance is based on respect for the individual. Here we call it giving people a fair go.

However, it is not giving people a fair go if they are ordered by higher powers to change their beliefs in the way they raise their family. It is not giving people a fair go if they are being coerced into following, what amounts to, a mandatory vaccination program under the threat of financial penalty.

We are campaigning for social health programs to be more transparent. We want the big three – government, pharmaceutical companies and the medical industry – to show honesty in informing people about all aspects of vaccination, good and bad, and to support all individuals in their choice.

If this powerful triumvirate recognises and accepts responsibility for their actions, we as a collective voice for Australian families will have set the path for government-sponsored compensation for injured vaccination victims and promoted a more open dialogue on the health of all Australians.

Tasha David, President, Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network

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