Mrs Dorey, devoid of science, resorts to lying.

In her recent Facebook post, devoid of any science, Mrs Dorey refers to the fact that I’m not a medical doctor. My qualifications aren’t related to the content as I was quite clearly referring to the HCCC decision, along with Fair Trading and other laws and regulations. As Mrs Dorey knows, I have a PhD and I have had a peer reviewed scientific paper on vaccination published, without any financial support. Mrs Dorey has no peer reviewed scientific publications to date on vaccination. If her arguments had any merit, why hasn’t she published? Particularly with millions of dollars raised and over two decades of research behind her. There’s no big conspiracy here, it’s that either she hasn’t bothered to try and publish her research, or it hasn’t been judged to have any merit by actual scientists. Ditto her attack on our poster presentation at the PHAA conference. Do her followers seriously believe the conspiracy theories she raises and not question why their money that they freely donate and give in membership fees are not used by Mrs Dorey to attend such a conference to influence Government policy with her supposed research?

Nor did I claim that the AVN Facebook page is owned by the AVSN. Facebook pages are owned by Facebook. The AVN Facebook page is clearly operated by the AVSN, as witnessed by the high number of postings that Public Officer Mrs Dorey makes there, that posts there are almost always cross-posted to the official Twitter account, and as also acknowledged by the HCCC in their
public warning about the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, Inc. (‘AVN’), formerly known as Australian Vaccination Network Inc., irrespective of umming and ahhing by Fair Trading NSW. I do note, however, this correspondence from Fair Trading NSW where Mrs Dorey has committed to them to change the name, further proof that they operate it:
Screenshot 2014-06-18 13.15.52
The alleged page operator, “Ben Rush”, does not apparently exist. The irony that the original Ben Rush supported compulsory vaccination in defence of the other freedoms of the new republic of the United States of America seems lost on Mrs Dorey and the AVSN.

She doesn’t even display the common courtesy to use my name, claiming that I might censor her post on that basis alone. That’s a tactic that brave defender of unfettered free speech Mrs Dorey openly supports, not I.

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